Band Biography

Dreek is a rock band Consisting of talented and seasoned musicians, Dreek as a band possesses the experience of more than 200 shows already nationwide, including prestigious gigs such as “Tribute” twice in Dhaka City. They are one of the new rock bands that demonstrates professionalism coupled with a lot of promise, which was established when the band came out on the top 6 of DJuice DRockstars in 2007 and was eventually welcomed to become a member of BAMBA, the reputable association for musical bands in Bangladesh. Dreek is surely becoming a prevailing entity in the Bangladesh rock scene.

Dreek has gone through myriads of phases in their journey to hard rock music in Bangladesh. There has been ups and downs like every other aspects of our lives. There has been members in and out who played for Dreek, contributed their bits for the band. Dreek remembers and thanks everyone associated with this journey, members, fans, family, friends or even haters. They all have helped one way or the other. Dreek released their debut album on April 24, 2015. It was a dream come true, and there has been a lot of hard work and dedication behind it. We'd appreciate you being part of this journey.


SAIF (Vocals)

Saif has joined the band during the 4th round DRockstars-2. Ever since he has been the driving force for the band. With his powerful voice and range, he has been able to deliver what Dreek required in their lineup.


Ratul (Guitars)

One of the newest members of the band, Ratul changed the flavor of Dreek with his exquisite guitar playing. Upon his arrival to the Dreek family, they've rearranged most of their songs to a whole new level.


Rahi (Bass)

Rahi is known for his calm and quiet exposure behind the band, not only with his grooves on the bass but also with the lyrical themes behind Dreek's music. He wrote all the lyrics of the album.


Upal (Drums)

He's the oldest member of the current Dreek lineup, holding on to the backbone of the band. His chops and kicks are what transforms the energy behind the band's performance over the years.

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